3 Reasons to Choose Makeup with Skincare Benefits

When we think about looking after our skin, most of us think about skincare. And while it’s true that having a consistent skincare routine will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, it’s not all about skincare. Choosing makeup with skincare benefits will help you enjoy healthy skin too!

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You can give your skin the care it deserves by opting for skin-loving, nourishing makeup that delivers just as many benefits to your skin as skin care products. In fact, that’s exactly what our natural and organic makeup range is about. We developed it with you in mind, so you can have it all: beautifully flawless coverage, buildable colour pigments from the Earth, and the added bonus of hydrating and nourishing ingredients that benefit your skin.

Meet our “skincare” makeup, and 3 reasons why it’s a must-have for your beauty routine.

#1 It treats your skin while wearing it

The truth is, a good skincare routine won’t go very far if the makeup you apply afterwards isn’t benefiting your skin - and it’s even worse if you’re using synthetic-based makeup that is harming it. Sadly, most makeup brands aren’t very transparent about the synthetic chemicals in their products, and it can be hard to find makeup good for your skin.

Is natural makeup better? Your skin will certainly think so! Choosing natural and organic makeup means you can avoid the toxins and chemicals found in many common beauty products. As you wear makeup filled with the best ingredients for your skin (like INIKA’s makeup), your skin is being fed and nourished.

Here are some of the benefits that skin-loving makeup will give you:

#2 You’ll need less makeup!

Because of the beautiful nourishing ingredients inside all of INIKA’s skin-loving makeup products, your skin is benefiting from each application. These benefits include hydration, minimising the appearance of wrinkles, brightening, increasing skin elasticity, softening, clarity… the list goes on.

Think of it as a virtuous cycle of happy skin: our skin-loving foundation makes your skin healthier day by day, so you start needing less of it. Soon enough you’ll have naturally healthy skin that won’t need much coverage, and your blemishes will be a distant memory. You can now switch to a minimal makeup routine.

By choosing healthy makeup ingredients, you can start wearing makeup only for the pure joy of creating fun makeup looks instead of using it as a way to cover up imperfections. Better yet, you’ll be able to save a lot of time - and money - by switching to a minimal makeup routine. After all, your skin already looks amazing!

#3 You won’t have to compromise on performance

When we say that skin-loving makeup is the best makeup for all skin types, there’s no catch. INIKA has a proven track record of product performance. We’ve won dozens of worldwide awards by beauty editors and industry experts, and our makeup is even used for NYFW runway shows. And we’ve accomplished all of this by using uncompromised ingredients.

You can rest assured that you won’t have to sacrifice performance for health by choosing INIKA’s makeup. You can have both! Our makeup delivers amazing performance (just as good as “traditional” makeup brands), while using ingredients that are better for your skin and better for our planet.

Do I still need to have a skincare routine?

Yes, absolutely! Skin-loving makeup and skincare products work hand in hand, so switching to INIKA’s makeup is not a reason to neglect your skincare routine! The more TLC you’ll give to your skin, the happier it will be, so give your skin twice the love by using both our skin-loving makeup and skincare in tandem.

While natural makeup is great for your skin, like any makeup, it should be removed at the end of the day. To make sure your skin can breathe and regenerate at night, don’t forget to do your evening skincare routine. At the bare minimum, it should include gently cleansing and exfoliating the skin, and applying a nourishing night cream.

Browse our highly effective skincare range to find the best skincare to look after your skin. Similar to our makeup, our skincare range is formulated with skin-loving ingredients, like Resveratrol and Maca Root, which deliver all kinds of fantastic benefits to your skin.

Give your skin the care it deserves

Want to try INIKA's makeup with skincare benefits? Shop our organic makeup online now, and see the results for yourself!

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