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Find Your Perfect Mascara | INIKA Organic US | 01

Find Your Perfect Mascara

February 24, 2019

If you were in the market for a new natural mascara that wouldn't irritate your eyes but would last the whole day, the choice is simple.

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Best Foundation for your Skin Type | INIKA Organic US | 01

Best Foundation for your Skin Type

December 17, 2018

Your go-to guide for identifying your skin type and finding the perfect INIKA Organic foundation for you.

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INIKA Organic takes over New York Fashion Week | INIKA Organic US | 01

New York Fashion Week 2018 Takeover

October 29, 2018

INIKA Organic has become the first Australian, and 100% natural beauty brand to be invited to create makeup looks for the runway shows of not one, but two high-profile designers; Tadashi Shoji and House of Nonie.

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How to Achieve More with Less | INIKA Organic US | 01

How to Achieve More with Less

September 19, 2018

Want to save time in the mornings and wear less makeup, but still look just as put together? Here are our tips to ensure you get the most out of your organic makeup in a few simple steps.

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Perfect Brows | INIKA Organic US | 01

Get the Look: Perfect Brows

August 17, 2018

Uneven, messy or sparse brows? Here are our easy steps to perfectly shaped and defined brows using the new Brow Define Palette.

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The Skincare Secret | INIKA Organic US | 01

The Skincare Secret

August 02, 2018

Your skincare routine doesn't just stop at your moisturiser, discover cosmetics that protect and nourish your skin whilst still delivering your signature look.

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The Eyes Have It | INIKA Organic US | 01

The Eyes Have It

August 01, 2018

Our eye range has been created to ensure that eyes stay healthy and comfortable, and are created with earthly, natural pigments that are safe to use every day.

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Why Certifications Matter | INIKA Organic US | 01

Why Certifications Matter

March 14, 2018

At INIKA, we pride ourselves on being certified to the highest Australian (and global) organic standards. This is our guarantee that you are only receiving the purest and highest quality ingredients in all of your INIKA purchases.

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