Guide to Sustainable Zero-Waste Lifestyle

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy to forget about the eco footprint we're leaving on this planet. But living a more sustainable lifestyle is easier than you think. With a little effort on your part, you can start taking steps towards zero waste living.

We like to remember this little mantra: Reduce, reuse, recycle. Soon enough, these eco-friendly habits will become second nature.

Step 1: Reduce

The first step is figuring out just how much waste you and your household generates. So, don't throw anything away for one whole week. Set yourself the challenge! We'll call this experiment waste hoarding.

At the end of your week-long experiment, pop on some gloves and sort through every item you accumulated. For each one, ask yourself:

Can I reuse the item?

    And more importantly, will I? Let's be honest - you're probably not going to reuse a cardboard coffee cup.

    Can I recycle the item or at least part of it?

      Scan the label for the recycle symbol. If you find it, you know you can throw it in the recycle bin. From coffee pods to crayons, it's amazing how much you can recycle!

      Can I compost it?

        You can start your own compost bin to toss in any organic waste, like fruit peels, vegetable skins and juice pulp.

        Can I do without it?

          If you can't take any of the above actions, think about substitute items you can use instead.

          After this, you'll hopefully only be left with a small collection of items that can't be recycled or reused. But don't worry: Now that you know how to reduce household waste, we can talk about sustainable alternatives.

          Step 2: Reuse

          To step up your reusing game, start by ditching all single-use items. Think coffee cups, takeaway cutlery and sandwich bags. Remember, every little bit counts, so just do the best you can with the resources you have.

          There are plenty of swaps you can make, but this list is a good start:

          1. To-go cup

          These days, there are hundreds of beautiful designs to choose from. Plus, they'll make sure your hot drinks stay warm and your cold drinks nice and chilled. Sometimes, you'll even score a discount for simply bringing your reusable cup to a cafe!

          2. Paper bags

          When you're grocery shopping or picking up bread from the bakery, bring your own tote bag or ask for a paper bag. There's no need to use plastic bags - especially when they're probably just going to end up in your bag of plastic bags.

          3. Stainless steel water bottle

          How many water bottles do you have stashed around the house and office? If it's more than one, two, or three, you're not alone. To cut back, invest in a stainless steel or glass bottle.

          4. Glass containers

          Say goodbye to plastic storage containers and hello to glass containers and mason jars. They're better for the environment and they're a lot easier to wash.

          5. Silicon lids

          Instead of rolling cling wrap over your glass containers, invest in silicon lids. These stretchy lids are simple to pull on or off and they're eco-friendly.

          6. Metal or bamboo straw

          Your drink will taste the same, we promise! Plastic straws can't be recycled and millions of them end up in landfills every year.

          7. Washable cotton rounds

          Skip the face wipes and remove your makeup with reusable cotton rounds. After use, just pop them in a mesh bag and toss into the washing machine.

          8. Reusable produce bags

          Think of these as the environmentally friendly version of ziplock bags. They can store fruits, vegetables, meat and fish and lasts a long time.

          9. Menstrual cup or period undies

          When that time of the month rolls around, switch to these sustainable sanitary products. Many pads and tampons contain plastic, which means they can't be recycled.

          10. Razor with replaceable blades

          Say goodbye to disposable razors and invest in a sturdy razor with replaceable blades instead. You'll still end up with silky-smooth skin - and you'll create a lot less waste.

          Step 3: Recycle

          If you can't avoid an item and there's no reusable alternative, try recycling it. The things we can recycle include paper, metal and glass. But beyond that, you can look for beauty brands with sustainable packaging.

          These days, more and more companies are committing to sustainability, so there are plenty of choices. When you shop at INIKA, you can rest easy knowing all our tubes, pots and makeup brushes are made from recyclable materials. We also sustainably source our organic and all-natural ingredients.

          As you transition to a zero-waste lifestyle, you'll discover amazing brands that are guided by an ethical and sustainable approach. Support them, and you'll be supporting the earth at the same time.

          Become a beauty eco-warrior

          Switching to eco-friendly beauty is a great step towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. And with brands becoming savvier, it's never been easier to make the change.

          To shop our range of Natural Makeup, check out our online store - and don't forget to recycle the packaging once you're done!

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