5 Different Ways to Use Eyeshadow

When it comes to makeup essentials, eyeshadow is definitely high up on most beauty lover’s lists. From the classic smokey eye to colourful statement looks, eyeshadow is essential to a range of different makeup looks. Better yet, it’s a versatile makeup product that isn’t limited to use on your eyelids alone.

In fact, there are plenty of creative uses for eyeshadow that may come as a surprise to even the most seasoned makeup expert. If you’re working with a loose eyeshadow powder, you can use it to do everything from building a dewy makeup base to creating your own eyeliner or highlighter. Read on to discover some seriously surprising eyeshadow tips and tricks and start getting creative with your favourite shades.

1. Wear it alone

This one is hardly surprising, but eyeshadow is such an essential makeup bag item that it deserves its own spotlight. Apply a sweep of your favourite colour for a new addition to your everyday makeup look, or blend a few different shades for a subtle and sophisticated effect.

Not sure how to use loose eyeshadow properly? Try pressing your Vegan Shadow Brush into the powder pot to pick up the pigment before lightly patting the eyeshadow onto your eyelid. Slowly build up the product by repeating this process until you’ve achieved the perfect shade.

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2. Make your own highlighter

Yes, you read that correctly: Make your own highlighter by blending a little loose powder with some Rosehip Oil. Rosehip Oil is quickly becoming the go-to for many beauty buffs as it’s incredible for both your skin and hair, and when it’s mixed with a mineral eyeshadow, literal magic happens. Wearing your eyeshadow as highlighter is a simple makeup multitasking trick that can do wonders for your skin, particularly if you opt for a mineral based eyeshadow.

Here’s how to use your eyeshadow as a highlighter: Simply tap some loose powder eyeshadow into a clean, empty makeup pot before adding Rosehip Oil in drop by drop until your dream shimmer level is reached.

Top Tip: For a glowing highlighter, try our loose eyeshadows in Pink Fetish or Whisper, or go for a pop of Gold Dust if you want something on the bold, bronzed side.

3. Make your own liquid eyeliner

Learning how to make glitter eyeliner at home is actually far easier than you might think. Adding a tiny bit of water to your loose powder eyeshadow can instantly transform the powder into an intense liquid eyeliner with serious sparkle.

Simply tip a bit of the powder into the lid of your powder pot and add a drop of water. Then, mix it together and use your Vegan Defining Angle Brush to apply the mix to your upper lash line.

4. Mix eyeshadow with liquid foundation for a luminous finish

There’s a gloriously simple solution to the Instagram-age-old question of ‘How to make your foundation glow’, and we'll let you in on the secret. All you need to do is mix a few light taps of Peach Fetish or Coco Motion - whichever goes best with your skin tone - mineral eyeshadow into your favourite liquid foundation and mix the two together with a small brush or spatula.

Apply it to the high points of your face such as the apples of your cheeks, brow bone, and the tip of your nose for a glowing makeup base, and you’re done! Dewy never seemed so easy!

5. Make your own bespoke lip colour

Nothing says “sophistication” quite like having your own signature lip colour. Lip gloss has come a long way since its heyday in the 90s, and we couldn’t be happier about this makeup trend. Applied correctly, sparkly lip gloss can add a playful hint of colour to your face, and take your everyday look to the next level.

To make glitter lip gloss at home, combine a sprinkle of your favourite loose powder eyeshadow to your lip serum, mix them together, and apply liberally for a perfect pout.

Try our creative eyeshadow ideas today

While eyeshadow may be a fairly basic makeup item, it’s far from boring. By mixing it with your other favourite makeup essentials, you can unlock a multitude of uses and get more mileage out of your favourite shades.

Ready to stock up your makeup bag with this multitasking makeup must-have? Discover all 18 shades of our vegan Loose Mineral Eyeshadow now.

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